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Top four picks a guessing game

You just have to love the last couple of weeks leading up to the draft.

The rumors fly fast and furious. Who's visiting which teams? Who is looking to trade? What position or positions is your team targeting? Who will go No. 1?

This year is no exception, and much of the intrigue this time around has to with the first four picks. Among the first four teams to select, it almost seems like three of them don't really want to be in their current spot.

In case you didn't know, the first four picks go to Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland and Tampa Bay in that order.

If Oakland stays at No. 1, they appear likely to take LSU QB JaMarcus Russell.

There has been plenty of speculation, however, that the Buccaneers have been trying to pry that No. 1 from the Raiders so they are guaranteed to get wide receiver Calvin Johnson, rated by most as the best player in the draft.

Failing that, the Buccaneers might find a willing trade partner in the Lions. Detroit seems uncomfortable in the two slot. The Lions can't draft Johnson since they have taken so many receivers in recent years, and they don't want Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn. They seem willing to move down.

Will the Browns take Quinn at No. 3, or will they take running back Adrian Peterson? That's anybody's guess at this point.

My guess? Oakland stays at one and takes Russell. Tampa Bay trades with Detroit and takes Johnson at two. The Browns take Quinn at three. The Lions move to four and take offensive tackle Joe Thomas.

But, who really knows? It sure does make for an intriguing story line to watch, though.