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Mock Draft update ... Giants take CB in 2nd round

In today's first installment of our draft two-a-days I thought we would check in on the SB Nation Mock Draft.

The Giants second-round selection just came up, and I took a cornerback, Eric Wright, from UNLV.

I took Wright for a couple of reasons. He's a guy who reports say has a ton of potential and he's been moving up draft boards quickly -- some even see him as a late first-round possibility. Thus, he's a great value with the 51st pick. The fact that he's a cornerback -- an area of need for the Giants -- is even better.

Here's the scoop on Wright from

Wright is a great athlete with excellent speed, who plays as well in man coverage as he does a zone. He has a great closing burst, and has nice fluid hips, which allow him to turn and run with his opponent without losing a step. He's also not afraid to get physical with bigger receivers, and does a good job of knocking opponents off their routes and jamming them at the line of scrimmage.
Wright also does a decent job in run support and is an effective blitzer. He also has the ball skills to react to the ball while it's in the air.
Off-field issues fueled a transfer from USC to UNLV following Wright's freshman season, which cost him a year of eligibility. That, combined with the fact that he came out after his junior season leaves him a bit inexperienced. There is also speculation that he could have some durability issues if he doesn't bulk up a little.
Wright also needs to polish his footwork, which at times makes him look a little awkward. His athletic ability allowed him to make up for it at the college level, but he'll need to clean things up at the pro level.
Wright's stock has been on the rise since producing a solid workout at the NFL Combine, and at this point he appears to be a late-first, early-second-round prospect. Depending on how things pan out on draft day, he could find his way into the bottom part of the first round.

To follow the full progress of the SB Nation Mock Draft you can check

I'll be back later with the second installment for today. Be sure to check back.