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Where will the mighty Quinn land?

Who will draft Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn? Will he be among the top three selections, or will he take the Matt Leinart plunge and land somewhere between the 10th and 15th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft?

The fate of Quinn is one that will largely shape what the first round of the April 28-29 draft looks like. What will happen with Quinn is anybody's guess at this point.

The consensus is that LSU's JaMarcus Russell will be the first QB taken, and that Quinn will be the second. He could go as early as No. 3 to the Browns, or in a wild set of circumstances slide as low as 14th to Carolina (though I don't expect something like that to happen).

Of course, how good Quinn actually is seems to always be a topic of debate. Is he Rick Mirer or Joe Montana?

I think he's somewhere in between, and believe he will be a very good NFL quarterback. He has the arm, the pocket presence, and due to his experience the last couple of seasons with Fighting Irish coach Charlie Weis is the most NFL ready quarterback in the draft.

I believe he will step in and play pretty well right from the start. He may not develop into Joe Montana, but I truly feel he will become an upper echelon quarterback.

Quinn is supremely confident he is ready, and some have been put off by his bravado. Here is what Quinn said recently on Fox Sports Radio.

I feel like I’m the most prepared player in this NFL draft. I feel like I should be the number one pick based on my performance at Notre Dame and really just having an advantage.
Personally, I think any team in need of a franchise quarterback who passes on Quinn will end up regretting their foolishness.

The Detroit Lions seem to have no interest in Quinn, despite having only the well-traveled Jon Kitna. Of course, they are led by GM Matt Millen so I shouldn't be surprised if they do something stupid.

The third pick belongs to Cleveland, and I think Quinn would be a great fit there, where I doubt Charlie Frye will ever be a star. Also, with Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis both having been assistants in New England this would make sense.

Quinn would also make sense at No. 7 to Minnesota, and No. 9 to Miami, whether or not the Dolphins bring in veteran Trent Green.

Wherever he goes, that will go a long way toward determining what happens throughout the first round.

Your thoughts?