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Patriots have made the biggest splash

All is still quiet on the free-agent front with the Giants. So, let's look at the team I think has improved the most since free agency began -- the New England Patriots.

It seems the Patriots have finally realized they needed to stop the talent drain they have seen in the past couple of seasons, and add some playmakers.

And boy, have they done that!

Defensively, they nabbed ex-Raven Adalius Thomas, the best available free agent linebacker and a perfect fit for their 3-4 scheme.

Offensively, they have also seemed to realize they need to put more playmakers around quarterback Tom Brady.

Corey Dillon is gone, and Laurence Maroney will be the featured back. Maroney showed signs of being a star last season as a rookie. He will be backed up by free-agent acquisition Sammy Morris.

The Pats replaced departing tight end Daniel Graham with Kyle Brady, then added a solid receiver/kick returner in Wes Welker via a trade with Miami.

New England is even reportedly considering trying to get Randy Moss from the Raiders. Moss might not be what he was in Minnesota, but he would give Brady a target like he has never had.

I know winning the off-season doesn't always translate into winning games on the field (just ask the Redskins), but you have to be impressed by what the Patriots have done so far.

Big Blue Notes
Still no word on running back Dominic Rhodes. With running backs coming off the board quickly, I am not sure why the Giants haven't made an offer to the former Colt yet. Personally, I would rather see Rhodes in New York than have the Giants give up draft picks for a back like Tatum Bell or Willis McGahee.

If the Giants are going to give up picks for anybody, they should make a run at disgruntled Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, a playmaker who could really help them.

"I don't want to be there (Chicago) anymore," Briggs told ESPN. "I won't play for them."

Briggs sure would like good in blue.