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No moves yet from Big Blue

Looks like no contract yet for running back Dominic Rhodes, though Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger reports that the Giants were "impressed" by the Indianapolis running back.

Some folks are already getting worked up that the Giants haven't signed anybody yet. If you are one of them, my advice to you is simple -- RELAX.

The Giants have a good team. Yes, they have holes to fill but they don't have a ton of cap space (about $12-14 million reportedly after signing Shaun O'Hara) and can't be getting into bidding wars for players.

I can do without guys like under-achieving offensive lineman Leonard Davis and the high-priced but maybe over-the-hill linebacker Joey Porter.

A running back like Rhodes, a veteran for depth on the O-Line, a corner if a decent one is available without spending a fortune and a linebacker would be on my wish list.

Patience, Giants fans. GM Jerry Reese knows what the team needs. Just because he hasn't filled all those needs in two days doesn't mean he won't do anything. It just means he's being careful with the resources he has to work with.