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What will Goodell do with Jones, Henry?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell meets with troublemakers Adam 'Pacman' Jones and Chris Henry Tuesday in New York.

These two are the poster children for what seems to be an increasing number of NFL players becoming involved in ugly off-the-field incidents.

Jones spoken to police 10 times and been arrested five times since 2005. Most recently, he could be facing charged from a strip club shooting in February.

Henry has been arrested four times in 14 months, and is one of nine Cincinnati Bengals arrested within the last year.

Goodell is pushing for a stronger player conduct policy, and how he handles these two miscreants will be the test case for just exactly how serious he is about holding players to a more rigid standard.

"I won't lump all of these incidents into a bowl and deal with it," Goodell said. "I'm not trying to send a signal here and make examples of people. We'll do what we need to protect the integrity of the NFL. That's our objective."

I think, however, that that is exactly what Goodell intends to do with Jones and Henry. Even without a conduct policy in place, he will make examples of them and hand down as severe a penalty as he believes he can.

I wouldn't be surprised to see both players get a one-year suspension and face some type of rigid conduct standard when, or if, they return.

Goodell really has one shot, this one, at putting teeth in his talk about cleaning up player conduct. I hope he makes the most of it.