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Draft grows in importance after Wilson fiasco

Friday turned into an awful day for the Giants.

First, it seemed a trade was in place for Pro Bowl linebacker Al Wilson, but that fell apart when Wilson reportedly failed his physical. According to published reports, the Giants were concerned about Wilson's neck, which he injured late last season.

On top of that, indications are that the Houston Texans will match the Giants $8 million offer to fullback Vonta Leach.

So, where does this leave the Giants? It has so far been an unproductive off-season in terms of adding talent, and there isn't much left in the free-agent market.

Wilson would have been an outstanding addition. He has been voted to the Pro Bowl five times in eight years as a middle linebacker with Denver. The Giants, who have Antonio Pierce in the middle, were apparently going to move Wilson outside.

That would have given the Giants two quality playmakers at linebacker and enabled them to focus on other needs.

Instead, they are still stuck with holes to fill all over what was a porous defense in 2006.

They have unproven linebackers other than Pierce, need a cornerback, a defensive tackle and maybe some help at safety.

Perhaps some help will come later as teams make further cuts. Right now, however, it looks like Jerry Reese's first draft as Giants GM will turn into a very, very important one.

Your thoughts?