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Giants targeting Broncos' linebacker?

UPDATING THE UPDATE:Now, according to the Star-Ledger it appears a deal for Wilson may not be happening at all. You're not going to hear any more from me about this until the facts are in and something official is out there.

UPDATE:According to the Denver Post, Wilson is in New York today taking a physical for the Giants. The paper is reporting that, should Wilson pass the physical, a trade could be completed today.
The Giants are reportedly in serious discussions with the Denver Broncos about acquiring four-time Pro Bowl middle linebacker Al Wilson.

Wilson, an eight-year veteran, has been a terrific player for the Broncos but they appear to be unsure they can afford to keep him. According to NFL Network:

The reason Denver has even entertained the idea of trading Wilson is cost. Wilson is scheduled to make $5.2 million in base salary this season and he could earn another $600,000 in workout bonuses.

Strapped with all the big moves they have made this off-season -- giving running back Travis Henry $12 million in guaranteed money and tight end Daniel Graham $15 million in guaranteed money -- the Broncos need to shave costs elsewhere.

There have been rumblings this off-season that the Giants might move their own middle linebacker, Antonio Pierce, to the outside. That would seem the likely move if they pull this off.

To learn more about Wilson and what he has meant to the Broncos the past few seasons, check out the Mile High Report.

Wilson could obviously help the Giants. Do you like this move, and how much would you be willing to give up to bring Wilson here?

Your thoughts?