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Meeting with Rhodes first up for Giants

Various reports have indicated that Indianapolis running back Dominic Rhodes will visit the Giants today.

Also making the rounds is speculation that Big Blue is interested in a pair of Philadelphia Eagles defensive backs, safety Michael Lewis and cornerback Roderick Hood.

The Giants' interest in each of these players makes sense to me.

Rhodes is a five-year veteran who has shown a willingness to accept a role as a complimentary back. I'm a bit concerned that he averaged only 3.0 and 3.4 yards per carry the past two seasons, but he can catch passes (36 in 2006) and at 5-foot-9, 203 pounds he would offer a contract to the 265-pound Brandon Jacobs.

As for Lewis and Hood, neither is a premier player but could fill needs in New York.

Hood could not crack the starting lineup in Philly, but would probably displace Corey Webster in New York. The interest in Lewis, who had a disappointing 2006 after registering a career-high 107 tackles in 2005, could mean the Giants are looking to replace Will Demps.

Since new Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo came from the Eagles he is familiar with both. They, in turn, are familiar with the type of defense Spagnuolo will try to implement.