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Part 7 -- The 2006 Draft

In our continuing look at recent Giants' draft, we have reached last season's selections.

It is, of course, too early to tell what types of careers many of these players will have. It is entirely possible, however, that when all is said and done this will turn out to be the best of any of the drafts we have looked at.

2006 Draft Selections

1 Mathias Kiwanuka DE
2 Sinorice Moss WR
3 Gerris Wilkinson ILB
4 Barry Cofield Jr. DT
4 Guy Whimper T
5 Charlie Peprah S
7 Gerrick McPhearson CB

The first five selections in this draft could all eventually turn out to be important players for the Giants.

Kiwanuka is a pass-rushing defensive end who played much more than anticipated last season and showed that he will be a player for a long time.

Cofield started for most of the season and held his own. the Giants need more productive mid-to late-round picks like him.

Moss had what most have been the world's worst quad strain, and missed most of the season. He is likely to be the team's third receiver this season, however, and he could still become a big play threat.

Wilkinson is a guy the Giants think could become a playmaker at linebacker, and he is likely to start in 2007.

Whimper is a project at left tackle whom the Giants think could become a solid part of their offensive line for several years. He might even challenge for a starting slot this fall, though that is unlikely.

Peprah was cut and McPhearson was on the practice squad.

If Moss and Wilkinson turn into productive players this season, this draft will end up looking like a terrific one.

Grade: B (this one could easily become an A eventually)
Next: A final overview.