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Part 6 -- Few choices in 2005 draft

The Giants paid the price for the Eli Manning tade in the 2005 draft, as they had no No. 1 selection and only four picks overall.

The pick the Giants didn't get to make in the 2005 first round turned into Shawne Merriman. Now, there is no guarantee the Giants would have taken Merriman, but I think it's pretty obvious the Giants would have been better off with Merriman and either Philip Rivers or Ben Roethlisberger, than just with Manning.

Anyway, here are the choices.

2005 Draft Selections

2 Corey Webster DB
3 Justin Tuck DE
4 Brandon Jacobs RB
6 Eric Moore DE

The only thing that can salvage this draft is if Jacobs becomes the big-time running back he promises he will become with Tiki Barber retired. I think he just might.

Webster had a very disappointing 2006 season, though he seems likely to get another shot in 2007. Tuck is a decent backup lineman, and Moore is long gone.

That's it. Not much to this draft.

Grade: D
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