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Part 4 -- 2003, Reese's first draft

The most interesting aspect of the 2003 Giants' draft is that it was the first one new GM Jerry Reese, then a scout, was placed in charge of.

Looking at the results, I hope Reese does a better job this time. I know GM Ernie Accorsi was actually making the selections, but if Reese actually pushed for William Joseph that's a bad sign.

2003 Draft Selections

1 William Joseph DT
2 Osi Umenyiora DE
3 Visanthe Shiancoe TE
4 Roderick Babers DB
5 David Diehl G
6 Willie Ponder WR
6 Frank Walker DB
6 David Tyree WR
7 Charles Drake DB
7 Wayne Lucier C
7 Kevin Walter WR

This was a draft in which the Giants had managed to accummulate 11 selections. They did hit on a couple of players (notably Umenyiora, Diehl and special teams standout Tyree), but didn't make as much out of the volume of choices as you would hope.

Joseph was, and still is a bust as No. 1. To me, his status as a former No. 1 pick is the only thing keeping him on the roster. He is terrible.

Shiancoe is a pick I never understood, and Babers didn't make the team. Neither did Drake or Walter, if I remember correctly. Lucier was a backup and is now out of the league as far as I can tell.

Ponder was a quality kickoff returner and I thought the Giants made a mistake letting him go before last season. Walker never earned more than spotty playing time and is now a Packer (see below).

Out of 11 choices, you would think the giants could have done better than one defensive player, one offensive player and one special teamer. This draft could have been exceptional, but the Giants wasted their picks in the first, third and fourth rounds.

Grade: C (which I seem to be giving just all the drafts so far)
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