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Part 3 -- Recent Giants' drafts

Continuing with our look at Giants' drafts since 2000, we have arrived at 2002.

This draft brought the Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey, the only bona fide star player the team has drafted this century. That's quite a statement -- the only bonafide star player they have drafted this century.

Yes, yes, I know they traded for Eli Manning. But it was a trade, and whether he will ever reach full-blown star status is a debate for another day. Osi Umenyiora also has more to prove before I will put him on that level, as well.

Back to the 2002 draft. After Shockey, this draft brought the Giants a whole lot of nothing. When John Mara talks about needing to get more useful players out of a draft, he can point to this one as a draft filled with wasted selections.

The picks are below.

2002 Draft Selections

1 Jeremy Shockey TE
2 Tim Carter WR
3 Jeff Hatch OT
5 Nick Greisen ILB
6 Wesley Mallard S
7 Daryl Jones WR
7 Quincy Monk ILB

After Shockey, the only players of any significance are Carter and Greisen.

Carter, of course, was just shipped to Cleveland for Reuben Droughns (the best thing he has ever done for the team) after five disappointing years in which he caught just 72 passes and never maximized the potential that kept him on the roster.

Greisen is a journeyman linebacker who had a couple of decent seasons in spot duty.

The Giants thought Hatch would become a mainstay of their offensive line, but he was a disaster and was released 2 years later. Mallard, Jones and Monk gave the team nothing. I can't grade this draft very highly since truthfully only one productive, quality player came out of it. If not for Shockey, this draft would be an F.

Grade: C+
Part 4: 2003