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Bears' Briggs won't get sympathy here

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs needs to quit whining. Briggs, as you probably know, is upset that the Bears have used their 'franchise' tag on him and is threatening to sit out the 2007 season unless they trade him.
"I am now prepared to sit out the year if the Bears don't trade me or release me," Briggs told Monday. "I've played my last snap for them. I'll never play another down for Chicago again. ... I don't want to be somewhere I'm not wanted long-term."
Personally, I hope the Bears call Briggs' bluff and tell him to go right ahead and sit home.

Players bitching and moaning about the franchise tag, which the Players Association agreed to and which makes any franchised player one of the highest paid at his position, is just plain stupid.

Don't like the tag? Take it up with Gene Upshaw, not your team. Briggs and the Bears could not come to terms and the Bears had every right under the current system to use the tag on him.

It's not like using the tag is cheap. It means the Bears will pay Briggs $7.2 million this season if he thinks he can manage to find a way to drag his ass to the field for that kind of chump change.

Athletes are used to getting what they want when they want it. In this case, Briggs is furious that he can't just snap his fingers and get what he wants from the Bears.

As I said, I hope the Bears stand firm. I seriously doubt Briggs will leave more than $7 million sitting on the table.

Of course, if the Bears and Briggs do decide to part ways I know a team that needs help at linebacker.