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Part 2 -- Giants' recent drafts (2001)

Will Peterson Will Allen

Moving on in our look at Giants' drafts since 2000, it is now time to look at 2001 -- which could be known as the draft of the 'Wills.'

2001 Draft Selections

1 Will Allen CB
3 William Peterson CB
4 Cedric Scott DE
4 Jesse Palmer QB
5 John Markham PK
5 Jonathan Carter WR
7 Ross Kolodziej DE

The Giants drafted Will Allen (1st round) and Will Peterson (3rd) hoping they would be the cornerstones of a solid secondary for years to come.

Allen, now with the Dolphins, has always been a good corner but never really lived up to what was expected from a No. 1 pick. Truth is, Peterson (now William James of the Eagles) was a better player. Injuries, however, derailed him.

Palmer, of course, kicked around as a backup for a few years and never did anything noteworth other than appear on 'The Bachelor.'

Markham was a wasted pick who didn't even make the team, and Scott and Kolodziej were gone in a year.

So, in all, the Giants really only got two useful players out of this draft. The fact that those two players did have at least a couple of productive seasons is the only thing that salvages this draft from being a complete disaster.

Grade: C
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