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Giants waiting on O'Hara's decision

The New York Daily News reported the other day that the Giants have made a final, take-it-or-leave-it offer to center Shaun O'Hara.

If O'Hara leaves what is reportedly a 6-year, $21.6 million offer and becomes a free agent, that is bad news for the Big Blue.

O'Hara is not a Pro Bowl center, though he seems to want to be paid like one. He is, however, a solid player and I hope he stays with the Giants.

Having to replace him would mean that the Giants would have to rebuild three-fifths of what had been a pretty solid offensive line the past couple of seasons.

The Giants have already let starting left tackle Luke Petitgout leave, and the plan seems to be that David Diehl will move from left guard to replace him. That would mean Rich Seubert, would play guard. If O'Hara leaves, however, Seubert would play center and the Giants would need to find a left guard.

That would likely be Gray Reugamer, a veteran who was a backup last season.

I think Seubert, Diehl and Reugamer would do fine. But, the Giants would essentially be rebuilding a part of their team that wasn't broken to begin with, and would have lost all of the depth they had at the position last year.

That's why I think they need to keep O'Hara.

Your thoughts?