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Combine is classic over-analysis

The NFL Scouting Combine opens today in Indianapolis.

For the next several days you'll read lots of stories about which players have the most to gain at the Combine, which have the most to lose, and who is moving up or down the draft boards.

In fact, here's a couple to get you started.

Fox Sports Combine Preview Combine Preview

Personally, I'm not a big Combine guy. I think a lot of what goes on there has nothing to do with what kind of football players these guys are.

Guys are judged by all manner of physical characteristics, interviews, test scores and performances in drills.

To me, none of that proves anything. It's what players can do on game day that counts. The only way to judge that is to see them play or watch the film.

Lots of guys who look great working out in shorts (like the Giants Tim Carter) can't play.

BTW, if you are really into the combine head over to Blogging the Boys where you will find a complete schedule of NFL Network Combine coverage.