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5 Questions with Bleeding Green Nation

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This week's installment of 5 Questions is with our buddy 'BleedGreen' over at Bleeding Green Nation.

Big Blue View: What is the status of Donovan McNabb? You have to be tired of watching AJ Feeley try to play quarterback.

Bleeding Green Nation: McNabb says he's healthy and will start this weekend. He's practiced all week and looks ready to go. AJ Feeley has actualy been able to move the offense almost at will against the Pats and Seahawks and they've been scoring points but the turnovers really negate all of that. They've absolutely killed us.

BBV: Another McNabb question. The speculation about his future has already started. Do you expect to see him quarterbacking the Eagles next season?

BGN: I really don't have an answer! I really think these last 4 games of the year will go a very long way in determing where McNabb is next year. If we see the same up and down guy we've seen all year I think there's a half decent chance he could be traded. If he plays well, I think the Eagles will be happy to bring him back. Even though he did pick a QB last year, Andy Reid stll defends Donovan every chance he gets and sticks by him no matter what anyone seems to say. So that tells me that he wants to bring McNabb back and is just looking for reason to do it.

BBV: The Giants had 12 sacks the last time they played Philadelphia, six by Osi Umenyiora. What will the Eagles do differently this time to slow the pass rush?

BGN: Start healthy players. Osi got to line up against a kid playing his first game and this time he gets a healthy William "Tra" Thomas. I don't think he'll be "shut down" or anything like that but he's never gotten 6 sacks against Thomas and won't this weekend either. Obviously the fact that Brian Westbrook is back will be a big lift as well. Not only is he the team's best blitz pickup back, but he's a guy that everyone on the opposing defense has to keep an eye on. Certainly McNabb needs to be decisive and get rid of the ball quickly. Having all the starters they missed last time these teams played will help, but McNabb needs to di his part as well. AJ Feeley was barely ever even hit over the past 3 games and it's simply because he gets rid of the ball, unfortunately many times it's to the other team.

BBV: I'm sure you expected the Eagles to be better than 5-7 at this point. What has been the most disappointing thing about the season for you thus far?

BGN: Geez ... There's so many. But I suppose if I had to pick one I'd say the play of the quarterbacks. McNabb and Feeley. McNabb has fought injuries all year but I think that's more the problem than it is the excuse. No one has ever doubted McNabb's talent and his ability to win games. His record speaks for itself ... but his ability to stay healthy has been a major issue for several years now. So in another year where's he missed a few games and fought other injuries as well it's been very disappointing. Feeley, for the ability he's shown to move the team and run the offense, the INTs are unforgivable.

BBV: Other than Brian Westbrook, which players have been bright spots for the Eagles this season?

BGN: Kevin Curtis has been a pretty good signing, he's going to be the first Eagles WR since TO to go over a thousand yards. I've liked the job Omar Gaither has done taking over for Jeremiah Trotter at middle linebacker. He's just so much more mobile and able to make plays outside the haskmarks, plus he's worlds better in coverage than Trotter. I also give a lot of credit to the way the two DTs, Patterson & Bunkley, have played this year. They turned what was a really big soft spot, up the middle, last year into a pretty solid strength.