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Week 14 NFL Picks -- 'Greek' says

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Giants fans hate the Philadelphia Eagles. That, however, does not mean we can't admire Philly's beautiful women. This week's cheerleader is a member of the Eagles squad.
After much clamoring for a return of the individual game previews, I have decided to reinstitute the old standard for the weekly picks. Of course by "much clamoring" I am referring to one guy that I used to work with, but I digress.

Chicago (-3) at Washington - This is a tough one to be the first game I comment on in several weeks, so we'll just move on.

Carolina (+10.5) at Jacksonville - The Panthers for some reason have spent the last 2 seasons being a better road team then a home team. It probably has something to do with Vinny not spending the week at home yelling at local kids to get off of his lawn.

Dallas at Detroit (+10.5) - After spending the last week with Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo will be too physically and mentally drained to cover this spread.

Miami at Buffalo (-7) - Are players from the 1976 winless Bucs lining up interviews right now and telling John Beck not to call when he's in their town, call when he's on their block?

NY Giants (+2.5) at Philadelphia - When NFL Films finishes their 2007 Eagles yearbook, the tag line will be "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."

Oakland at Green Bay (-10.5) - The over/under for number of times that announcers fawn over Favre and/or compare JaMarcus Russell's arm to his: 578

Pittsburgh at New England (-10.5) - New England being favored by only 10.5 may already be the upset of Week 14.

San Diego at Tennessee (Pick) - San Diego plays in the worst division in the league, sleep walked through the first half of the season, and still has Norv Turner as their coach, and people are declaring this team as the one no team wants to face in the playoffs. Really?

St. Louis at Cincinnati (NL) - One of the problems in picking games this early in the week is not having a line set due to injuries. The Bengals get the nod no matter what the line since the Rams almost lost to the Falcons at home last week, plus the Rams still suck.

Tampa Bay (NL) at Houston - Jon Gruden proves all of his skeptics wrong this week as he suits up to play quarterback against Houston, proving that you can never have too many quarterbacks on a roster.

Arizona (+7) at Seattle - Shaun Alexander apparently is not satisfied by merely ruining his own career as well as the hopes of Seattle fans, but must bring down fantasy owners across the country with his continued mediocrity.

Minnesota at San Francisco (+8.5) - I don't care how good Adrian Peterson is, this is simply an awful game, and in the NFC that means it still has playoff implications.

Cleveland (-3.5) at NY Jets - Riding high off their upset win over the Dolphins last week, Chad Pennington throws out his shoulder while furiously waving a towel from the sideline. That is the lone Jets highlight that will be seen on SportsCenter come Monday.

Kansas City (+7) at Denver - I think South Park said it best: "Hey, you're Jay Cutler. You kind of suck now, but my dad says you could be good some day!"

Indianapolis (-9.5) at Baltimore - Kids, come on out to Baltimore this weekend and maybe you can go home with an authentic penalty flag thrown by your favorite Baltimore Raven.

New Orleans at Atlanta (+5) - Does Sean Payton hand Chris Redman and the Falcons a Hanukkah gift this week, or will he just have Reggie Bush toss it into the middle of the field as the Saints try and run out the clock? Tune in this Monday to find out.

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 92-90-10