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Huddle up ... then again, maybe we shouldn't

We have touched on it just a bit in some of the comments this week, but let's talk more about Eli Manning and the no-huddle offense.

Would you guys like to see more of it? I know I would.

Going all the way back to his rookie season, Manning has always been comfortable and productive running the no-huddle. That continued last week when, out of desperation, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride went no huddle in the fourth quarter. Manning immediately led two touchdown drives in a 21-16 victory over Chicago.

Coach Tom Coughlin says he has no intention of making the no-huddle a primary part of the Giants offense.

"We are reluctant to just go to that because of the flexibility, the utilization of personnel and the mix of run and play-action passes," Coughlin said.

I am not advocating turning the Giants into the Jim Kelly era Buffalo Bills, but I do think there are spots where the Giants could use the no-huddle effectively.

Coughlin and Gilbride like to shuffle personnel in and out and have some play-calling flexibility. I understand that. The Giants have been struggling to score points for several weeks, though, and for whatever reason Manning seems capable of producing points from the no-huddle so I don't know why you wouldn't make its use part of your game plan.

As for why the no-huddle seems to help Manning, that's another debate. Maybe it's the faster pace. Maybe it's the simplified options. Maybe it's that he feels more in control.

I don't know, and I really don't care. If he can drive the Giants down the field and get points using it, however, I'm all for it.

Your thoughts?