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Wednesday Walk Around the League

Let's take a Wednesday Walk Around the League and see what others are talking about.

• Times are tough in Washington. The Redskins are dealing with the unfortunate death of Sean Taylor. The team is, in reality, not as good as had been hoped. And, it is beginning to look like the iconic Joe Gibbs can't get it done any more.

From the Washington Times.

Soon, a different kind of sadness might fill the hearts of Redskins fans. They will have to come to grips with an unhappy reality: Their team is not very good -- yet again -- and might not be good again for some time.

Worse, their icon, their Hall of Fame coach, can't do it anymore.

This might wind up the worst year ever for Redskins fans.

Fact is, Gibbs should probably never have tried to come back in the first place. He was away, and completely separated from the game, for too long.

Pats Pulpit is ranting about the behavior of the broadcast crew during Monday night's New England-Baltimore game.

Last night, the thin veils were torched during the pregame. An entire broadcast team outwardly and blatantly rooted for one team to lose.

Not only were Mike Tirico, Tony Kornheiser and Ron Jaworski rooting for New England to lose, they invited in an obviously biased guest when the entire rest of the season they brought in a mindless celebrity with whom to mindlessly banter.

But last night, ESPN brought in former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula specifically to rail against the Patriots, and Shula was all-too-happy to oblige.

They cheered loudly when bad things happened to New England. Shula was pounding Kornheiser on the back. But when the tide started to turn, Shula grumbled and then "had to catch a plane."

I have to disagree. Yes, I know Kornheiser was rooting for the Ravens. But, he's there to put on a show. I thought all three guys were into the game. They were animated, energetic and lively. And I had no problem with Shula stopping by. He's an obvious guest.

Fact is, the broadcast reflected the desires of most NFL fans. I don't think the '72 Dolphins are the only ones who would like to see the Pats -- who really aren't likeable any longer -- go up in flames.

Besides, if you watch ESPN regularly you know they generally have an ongoing love-fest with the Patriots. Most of the time you would think ESPN is really the Patriots publicity department.

Get over yourself, Pulpit! ESPN deserves plenty of criticism, but not here.

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