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Would you like a shot at denying the Patriots a historic win?

On the heels of New England's 27-24 escape from Baltimore last night, the Patriots are now 12-0. Here's a question for you, Big Blue View Nation.

At this point, are you hoping the Patriots are 15-0 with a shot at making history when they visit the Meadowlands in the final week of the season? Or, are you hoping someone -- like 9-3 Pittsburgh this week -- knocks off the Patriots first so they have nothing to play for in the final week?

I know it would be nice to play New England with a chance at denying them a place in the history books, but for a lot of reasons I am rooting for the Steelers this week.

First, the game might have meaning for the Giants in terms of making the playoffs or who and where they will play. Winning would be easier if the Patriots have nothing to play for.

Second, if the Giants playoff fate is already decided I don't want to see them waste energy and emotion trying to knock off the unbeaten Pats, then wind up flat in an opening-round playoff game.

For me, the best scenario is for the Giants to be locked into a playoff spot and the Patriots to have suffered a loss.

I know that takes some of the fun out of it, but the game is on the stupid NFL Network and I probably won't see it anyway. So, I'd rather have it be meaningless.