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Happy New Year, Big Blue View Nation!

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The clock is ticking toward the end of 2007, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have made Big Blue View such a special place.

This site launched in February with a mere 660 visitors. Well, our little community is growing by leaps and bounds. Records have been set for both visitors and page views the past two months, as Big Blue View has seen a total of nearly 23,000 visitors and more than 45,000 page views.

I want to thank those of who make Big Blue View a regular stop in your daily routine. If you're an occasional visitor, we hope you'll come by more often, and we hope you'll tell your friends about us. If you like to lurk and read, sign up for a free account, join Big Blue View Nation and get in on the discussion.

Thanks again, everybody. Happy New Year!