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Should the Giants sit Burress for a couple of weeks?

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The Giants can clinch a playoff berth this weekend against Philadelphia. Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News lays out all the scenarios.

Here is a question for you, and I know I am getting a little ahead of myself here.

You're Tom Coughlin. If and when you do clinch a playoff berth, do you shut Plaxico Burress down until the first playoff game and see if you can get his injured ankle healthier for the playoffs?

It's an interesting decision. Burress, even on one healthy leg, is still obviously the Giants best playmaker at receiver. He leads the Giants with 55 receptions and 9 TDs and is still the guy Eli Manning would prefer to throw to whenever possible. No other Giants receiver has more than 3 TDs.

Jeremy Shockey has 54 catches, but it's been obvious for weeks that he and Manning are just not on the same page. In a key spot, do you really have faith that the Giants can call Shockey's number and that he and Manning can make something happen? I love Shockey, but to me the answer is no.

Amani Toomer? Still good hands, but he is no longer a guy who can be a first option.

I have to believe some of Eli's struggles in recent weeks have been tied to Burress' inability to cut and separate from defensive backs.

I am not a doctor, but I would think you would have to consider shutting Burress down completely for 2-3 weeks if there is any chance that will allow him to move more freely once the playoffs start.