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C'mon gang, let's show a little happiness

I know that New York Giants fans are, by nature, a skeptical lot. But, c'mon people, be happy. Your team is 8-4 and headed to the playoffs. Things are pretty good.

I'm off on this little rant because I've spent most of the day reading and listening to negativity, some of it in the comments right here on Big Blue View, despite Sunday's exciting come-from-behind victory over Chicago.

Here are a couple of the comments from an earlier post.

From 'DieEaglesDie.'

"So another ugly win and it looks like we will once again limp into the playoffs. This is the least excited I've ever been about a 8-4 team."

More of the same from 'SBakerTheTouchdownMaker.'

If you told me before the season that the Giants would be 8-4 after a road win in Chicago, I would've been ecstatic. But judging on how they've looked the past four weeks, it doesn't look like it will be a long postseason stay."

On top of those remarks, I spent some time listening to 'Mike & the Mad Dog' on WFAN this afternoon.

Call after call about the Giants wanted to dwell on the negative, on Eli's poor start, on the questionable clock management by Tom Coughlin in the final two minutes.

Geez, people! The Giants somehow won a game they had absolutely no business winning. A game that, had they lost it, could have imploded their season.

Today should be a day to feel good, not nitpick. Yes, the Giants are 8-4. Maybe it's not a pretty 8-4, but it's 8-4.

Yes, there are warts on this team. The future, though, is bright. There are weapons on offense and a fairly young, aggressive defense.

So, smile gang. We're not Dolphins fans. Or Jets fans. Or Bengals fans. Or Falcons fans. Those guys have plenty to moan about.

We're Giants fans. And our team is pretty darn good, and pretty darn close to locking up a playoff spot for the third straight year.

Feel good about it, for at least a few days.