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It's time to celebrate!

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The New York Giants are in the playoffs, and a new star has been born.

The Giants' 38-21 victory over Buffalo pushed their record to 10-6 and guaranteed a third straight playoff appearance.

The way the Giants accomplished this victory was gratifying, overcoming a 14-0 deficit in horrid weather conditions. And , overcoming a horrid four-turnover day by Eli Manning.

The emergence of rookie running back Ahmad Bradshaw (151 yards on 17 carries), whose electrifying 88-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter basically sealed the victory, was thrilling.

So, it's time to relax and celebrate. The Patriots and their quest for perfection are next, but who cares? The Giants didn't make it easy on themselves, but they have done what they had to do.

It's time to exhale, Giants' fans. And to celebrate. At least for a little while.

Back in the morning with the traditional Monday 'Kudos & Wet Willies.'