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Giants at Bills, Open Thread

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Game: Giants (9-5) at Buffalo Bills (7-7)
Time: 1 p.m. ET

Basically, today's game against Buffalo is the season for the New York Giants.

Win and they are in the playoffs with at least a 10-win season, and no matter what happens in the final week against New England they can feel good about themselves.

Lose and they could still back into the playoffs with some help. That, however, would pretty much be the same way they got there last season.

A collapse might not only keep the Giants out of the playoffs, it might cost Tom Coughlin his job. So, the end of this season is critical in determining what the future will look like for this team.

Consider this your open thread. In reality, this is a playoff game for Big Blue. Let's get some playoff intensity commentary going during the game.