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The Bills will win because ...

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: This entry is from 'The Greek,' who -- as you know by now -- is a notorious Bills' fan. I have allowed him to pontificate here, but will respond and shoot him down shortly.]

By: 'The Greek'

As 2007 comes to a close, we are all inundated with lists. Top 10 plays of the year, top 10 goals of the year, top ten touchdown celebrations of the year, and so on. So in that mold, I will help add to that list of lists, with the top 10 reasons that the Bills will defeat the Giants this weekend.

10: Buffalo weather - The forecast calls for wind and rain at the moment, but anyone who knows Buffalo knows that could change to snow at a moment's notice. After last week's performance in the wind and rain at the Meadowlands, how can you not like the Bills chances in the mess at home?

9: Two-headed rushing attack - With the mess predicted for Sunday, Marshawn Lynch, the first-round pick looking to top 1,000 yards this season, and Fred Jackson, the former NFL Europe player, who's fought for a spot on this roster all season, are the perfect pair to grind out a win.

8: Trent Edwards - He won't always put up gaudy stats, but his steady play always moves the chains and limits the turnovers. In the winter months in the Northeast, quarterback play like this is key.

7: Dick Jauron - No one will ever confuse this coaching staff with Air Coryell or the fun 'n gun offense of Steve Spurrier. This is a good thing however, as the conservative offense will help the Bills control the clock and keep the Giants defense on the field.

6: Pride - This team just placed their 15th player on injured reserve this week, they've gone through a QB controversy, again, and they managed to be in the thick of the playoff hunt until last week. The Bills never quit and I don't see them laying down this week.

5: Ralph Wilson - Usually when a team is out of the playoffs, they begin jockeying for draft position. Aside from the fact that the potential difference between a 7-9 season and 9-7 season in terms of the draft is negligible, Ralph Wilson is one of the cheapest owners alive. He will be much happier seeing the bills win out and spend less money on a high draft pick, and will not let his team tank the last two weeks.

4: Tom Coughlin - Do I have to mention last week's game plan again? It's been rehashed so many times already, but another pass-happy performance will play right into the Bills' hands.

3: Eli Manning - Regardless of the game plan, Eli still will need to throw in the elements. After being lambasted in the media yet again it will be interesting to see how he comes back from last week's performance.

2: Kevin Everett - Kevin Everett is making his return to Ralph Wilson Stadium for the first time since he was nearly paralyzed for life. This coupled with it being the last home game of the year should provide a huge spark for the team and the fans.

1: We BILLeve - After all this team has been through, how can you not think they'll find a way to finish the season with a winning record for the first time in three years? Unless, of course, you are a regular visitor or contributor to BigBlueView?