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The Giants will win because ...

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Sorry, Greek. Your 15 minutes are up! Here is why the Giants will beat the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

The Giants absolutely HAVE TO win. Their season, and maybe Tom Coughlin's future, is on the line in this game. There is no way the Giants want to play New England in the final game of the season needing a victory to reach the playoffs. Thus, the Giants will be desperate to win. For the Bills, it would be nice to win at home in front of Kevin Everett. Really, though, they are out of the playoffs and playing out the string.

Trent Edwards. Buffalo's rookie quarterback will be at the mercy of the fearsome Giants' pass rush. The Bills don't score many points (28th in the league), and Edwards might spend much of Sunday running for his life.

The Bills' defense stinks. Buffalo is 30th in the league defensively. The Bills have no pass rush -- only Carolina has fewer sacks. The Giants should be able to control the ball and do pretty much what they want.

The Giants are road warriors. This team plays better on the road (6-1) than it does at home (3-4). Giants Stadium crowds seem to be anticipating bad things, and the place gets restless and uncomfortable when things start to go wrong. I think the Giants play with more confidence on the road. They will lose another road game, but I don't think that will happen this week.

Game plan. Tom Coughlin and Kevin Gilbride can't make the same mistake two weeks in a row, can they? The Giants are better than the Bills. If they just line up and play some smashmouth football without turnovers they will win.

Bonus reason. Our 'unofficial' cheerleader is hands-down way hotter than any 'official' member of Buffalo's 'Jills.'