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Week 16 NFL picks: 'Greek' says

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This year the NFL is doing all it can not to ruin another holiday by scheduling the Broncos and Chargers on Christmas Eve. There is nothing quite like a full slate of games on Christmas Eve to cause an entire year of family unrest to come out in 3 of the longest hours of your life. So make sure you plan your festivities around Sunday's slate and have a great long weekend.

Pittsburgh at St. Louis (+7.5) -- Remember when St. Louis was an elite team, being led by a dynamic running back, great receivers like Holt and Bruce, and no defense? Wait a minute, isn't this the exact same team, minus the winning?

Dallas (-10.5) at Carolina - Those of us with the NFL Network get the chance to listen to Bryant Gumble fawn over Jessica Simpson if this one gets out of hand. Keep plenty of eggnog close by, you'll need it.

Cleveland at Cincinnati (+3) - Should be interesting to see how #1 receiver Chad Johnson reacts to #2 receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh making the Pro Bowl over him. Probably no celebration planned for that.

Green Bay (-8.5) at Chicago - There's no truth to the rumors that the Bears tried to sign Jim McMahon to start this game after seeing Green Bay's Success with a 40-year-old QB.

Houston (+7) at Indianapolis - Tune in late to this one to watch the Jim Sorgi, Kenton Keith show.

Kansas City (+4.5) at Detroit - 2 months ago, experts thought this game would have playoff implications. Of course people consider Deion Sanders to be an "expert" so, there you go.

Miami at New England (-22) - Total let down game for the 'Phins after winning their "Super Bowl" last week. But hey, we should finally have Tuna and Dolphin together again. Delicious.

NY Giants at Buffalo (+3) - You saw this pick coming a mile away.

Oakland (+13) at Jacksonville - No one has anything to play for here, so I have nothing to say here.

Philadelphia (+3) at New Orleans - Reggie Bush is trying to come back for this game. Considering how they've played without him, maybe they should tell him not to rush back.

Washington at Minnesota (-6.5) - With a QB going out of the game with cramps while playing in a dome, maybe it's time for the media to lay off with the Vikings being the scariest team going into the playoffs.

Atlanta at Arizona (-10) - DeAngelo Hall will try to top last week's effort and actually get thrown out of the game for late hits.

Baltimore at Seattle (Off) - No line here, probably due to the fact that it involves a team that just lost to the winless Dolphins in the same week they extended their head coach's contract.

NY Jets at Tennessee (-8.5) - No one knows who the starting QB is going to be for the Jets, including ManGenius. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the 2007 NY Jets.

Tampa Bay at San Francisco (+6.5) - This could be the game that sets off a huge QB controversy in San Francisco. By huge I mean the difference between 5 wins and 6 wins next year.

Denver (+9) at San Diego - Hard to use this as an excuse not to go to the in-laws for their Christmas party, but it's still worth a try.

Last Week: 11-5
Season: 111-103-10