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Wednesday Walk Around the League

It's Wednesday, so let's take a Walk Around the League and see what is going on.

Bill Parcells could turn up in Atlanta's front office. Yahoo! Sports

• Kansas City Coach Herm Edwards seems to have stuck his foot in his mouth, telling fans to "get over it" in regards to their seven-game losing streak. Edwards is now trying to apologize. Yahoo! Sports

• Twelve Cowboys going to the Pro Bowl? Ridiculous! Here's a look at players who got snubbed. FOX Sports

Kellen Clemens or Chad Pennington? Jets Coach Eric Mangini isn't sure who will start for the team on Sunday. According to Pro Football Talk, there are some whispers that the only reason Clemens is playing at all is that he was drafted by Mangini and GM Mike Tannenbaum.

Joe Gibbs might not be ready to retire after all. Washington Times

• CBS' Pam Oliver "dumbfounded" by Donovan McNabb's criticism.