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This is your Jeremy Shockey thread

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OK, it seems to me that you guys have been itching to talk about Jeremy Shockey ever since he got hurt Sunday night. So, let's do that.

This is an open Jeremy Shockey thread. Below is a series of Shockey-related questions. Answer or comment on whichever ones you want. Or, if I didn't ask about something you would like to interject, go right ahead.

1. Let's get this one out of the way first. Do you think Shockey's future is with the Giants, or is it time for the team to trade or release him and move on?

2. I think we can all agree that Jim Fassel made better use of Shockey in the passing game than Tom Coughlin has. Do you still see Shockey as a superstar tight end, or are his best days already gone?

3. There seems to have been a lot of miscommunication between Shockey and Eli Manning this season. Do you think there is some type of rift between the two?

4. Here, to me, is the most important short-term question. Can the combination of rookies Kevin Boss (pass catching) and Michael Matthews (blocking) adequately replace Shockey for the remainder of this season?

Have at it gang. I'm anxious to hear your opinions on this one.