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Giants get a great big 'Wet Willie'

The look on Eli Manning's face tells you what kind of night it was for the Giants Sunday. (Getty Images)
I usually review Giants' games on Mondays with a 'Kudos & Wet Willies' segment. There will be no 'Kudos' today. They laid a huge egg in losing to Washington, 22-10, and get a great big team-wide 'Wet Willie.'

Fact is, I can't think of a single Giant who is actually deserving of a 'Kudos' after that putrid performance.

On a night when they could have -- and should have -- stamped themselves as a legitimate playoff team, the Giants only managed to raise more questions about how good they really are. That, and they lost another key player to a season-ending injury as Jeremy Shockey suffered a broken leg and an ankle injury.

Brandon Jacobs? Twenty-five carries for 130 yards, sure, but he dropped at least four passes. The Giants have got to get him out of the game and get Ahmad Bradshaw on the field in passing situations.

Giants receivers? There were, by NBC's count, 10 dropped passes. In addition to Jacobs, there was a horrible drop by Amani Toomer on a long throw that might have been a touchdown. Oh, and a bone-headed play by Sinorice Moss, making a catch on third down then backing up and losing the first down.

Don't blame Eli Manning for this one. Yes, 18-for-52 looks horrible. He got absolutely no help from his teammates, though. I'm not even sure his brother Peyton could have done much last night considering the fact that the Giants couldn't catch the ball.

The defense. The Giants let Clinton Portis rush for 126 yards, and allowed career backup Todd Collins to complete several long throws down the field. With a chance to set the tone for the second half the Big Blue sieve let Washington march down the field for an easy touchdown to start the second half.

Tom Coughlin also has to take a hit here. For the second time in three weeks the Giants came out at home and absolutely looked atrocious. The Giants were uninspired, and that has to fall on the head coach.

I've been a Coughlin booster. I've also been saying Giants fans should feel good about their team. Today, though, there is nothing to feel good about. Unless things somehow improve in the next two weeks the Giants will again limp into the playoffs, if they make it at all.

Whether they win another game or not, the Giants may have already done enough to get into the playoffs. Fact is, though, right now this does not look like a playoff team.