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McKenzie looking for home-field advantage

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New York Giants offensive tackle Kareem McKenzie is calling out Giants' fans.

"When's the last time that you heard such a loud, boisterous crowd and you said, 'Wow, I really can't hear?'" McKenzie said yesterday. When a reporter pressed the tackle on his answer, McKenzie responded: "I couldn't tell you. We thrive on crowd participation also."

The Giants are just 3-3 in their own building compared to 6-1 on the road. They are coming off two impressive wins at Chicago and at Philadelphia, and McKenzie is hoping for a more sanguine atmosphere in East Rutherford.

"It's not comfortable," he said. "You're sitting there, you're playing the game and you're getting booed for your performance. ...Who really wants their home crowd booing them?"

McKenzie said he wouldn't complain if his team were on par with, say, the winless Dolphins. This is a team entrenched in a playoff chase. It makes the booing hard to explain.

"I don't know," McKenzie said. "(The fans) do what they do best."

Personally, I could understand the booing during the Minnesota debacle. McKenzie does have a point, though.

Why is it that Giants Stadium crowds never seem to reach the rocking, raucous, deafening levels the Giants seem to encounter so often on the road?

I don't know. Your thoughts?