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Checking out the playoff possibilities

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A victory over the Washington Redskins this weekend pushes the Giants to 10 wins and clinches a playoff berth. There are also several scenarios in which the Giants can get in without winning another game.

Ralph Vacchiano breaks down the playoff possibilities at The Blue Screen.

Right now, the Giants would be the fifth seed and would end up playing in Tampa Bay. That's a much better matchup for the Giants than having to go to Seattle and face the Seahawks in that miserable, noisy dome.

G-MenH.Q., a new and entertaining Giants blog, weighs in on the Tom Coughlin debate. Check 'em out, but don't you guys go bailing on me!

• Giants are focused on the Redskins, not on the playoffs.

Brandon Jacobs' fumbles have Coughlin concerned.

• Here's a link to the audio from Tom Coughlin's press conference Monday.