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Saturday morning link dump

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A few Giants links and some injury information to tide you over while we await Sunday's kickoff against the Bears.

Let's go through some injury stuff first.

• The Giants' secondary is a mess. Kevin Dockery will start in place of Aaron Ross, who is likely to miss the game with a hamstring injury. Also, safety Gibril Wilson is listed as doubtful with a knee injury.

• Better news on the offensive side. Derrick Ward, sidelined the past several with ankle and groin injuries, will be back Sunday. Plaxico Burress, who now has a knee injury on top of his already bad ankle, also expects to play.

Now, on to some other stuff.

• EX-QBs chime in about Eli. Newsday

• This is a key game for both teams. AOL Fanhouse

Eli Manning has surpassed Rex Grossman as the NFL's most scrutinized quarterback. Chicago Tribune