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NFL Week 10 Picks: 'Greek' says

Just like my Buffalo Bills, I have clawed my way back from the brink to the precipice of respectability. This of course means that this week will either be a repeat of last or a complete disaster. I see no in between for the picks here at all. So please use caution when using these picks, the two of you that may actually take these weekly picks with more than a grain of salt.

Jacksonville (+4) at Tennessee
Denver (+3) at Kansas City
Buffalo (-2.5) at Miami
Cleveland (+9.5) at Pittsburgh
St. Louis (+11.5) at New Orleans
Atlanta at Carolina (-4)
Philadelphia at Washington (-2.5)
Minnesota at Green Bay (-6)
Cincinnati at Baltimore (-4)
Chicago (-3) at Oakland
Dallas at NY Giants (+1)
Detroit (-1) at Arizona
Indianapolis (-3.5) at San Diego
San Francisco (+10) at Seattle

Last Week: 11-3
Season: 57-64-10