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Injury update: Jacobs looks like a no-go

From Mike Garafolo at the Star-Ledger comes the following injury update.

*RB Brandon Jacobs (hamstring) will not practice today. Coughlin said if Jacobs isn't "day-to-day," he's "week-to-week." Translation: He's probably not playing, but they're leaving the door open for a Thanksgiving miracle.

*RB Derrick Ward (ankle/groin) will participate in the individual portion of practice. "And from there, we'll see," Coughlin said. Translation: Ward's going to try giving it a go, as expected. If he can get through practice this week, he'll play.

*S Gibril Wilson has a sore knee. Coughlin's not sure if Wilson will do just individuals, be limited or go the whole way. Translation: He has to play. They don't want to see this secondary if he doesn't.

*WR Steve Smith (shoulder/hamstring) will try to work some more in practice this week than he has in the past. Translation: Not yet. Maybe next week.

*WR Plaxico Burress (ankle) won't practice. Translation: Do you need one? Where have you been for the last two months?

The Giants, as we know, are as banged up as they have been all season. Let's hope the backup GM Jerry Reese has accumulated can do the job.