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Week 9 picks: 'Greek' says

After a tumultuous week that saw me fly half way across the country to end up getting a new job in my own backyard, I am back for the Week 9 picks.

A couple of notes for this weeks picks: First, New Orleans will be getting the nod in appreciation of my co-worker and fellow traveler not killing me last week as I turned a potentially innocuous trip to our headquarters into 4 days and counting of hell.

Also, in the game of the millennium, I'm going with the Colts. Everyone needs to put their two cents in on this match up, and as a Bills fan I can't take the Pats. Plus, Manning calls all of his plays at the line. The Patriots can't steal signals from the sideline this week. Anything that results in the Patriots not being the focal point of SportsCenter for even a day is a win for America in my book. Now, on to the picks.

Washington at NY Jets (+3.5)
Green Bay at Kansas City (+2)
Arizona at Tampa Bay (-3.5)
Carolina at Tennessee (-4)
San Francisco (+3.5) at Atlanta
Jacksonville at New Orleans (-3)
Denver at Detroit (-3)
Cincinnati at Buffalo (+1)
San Diego at Minnesota (+7)
Seattle at Cleveland (-1)
New England at Indianapolis (+5.5)
Houston (+3) at Oakland
Dallas at Philadelphia (+3)
Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-9)

Last Week: 6-7
Season: 46-61-10