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How good are the Lions?

The New York Giants and Detroit Lions enter Sunday's game with identical 6-3 records.

It is a key game for both teams as they try to validate what they have done so far and take a huge stride toward earning a playoff berth.

So, let's take a look at the Lions. Before the season began, quarterback Jon Kitna boldly predicted Detroit would win 10 games, a statement that drew mostly snickers. A victory over the Giants Sunday, though, would give the Lions a pretty good chance to do just that.

So, how good is Detroit, anyway?

Even the folks who follow the Lions day-in and day-out aren't sure. Check out what our fellow blogger Sean had to say on this topic just a couple of days ago at Pride of Detroit.

For the Lions, I have been unsure all season of what they are. Some, especially after last week, will call them frauds for beating teams with records below .500. Others will likely just call them an average team, which sadly is a step up compared to year's past. Finally, there are few who think this way, but some actually do think the Lions could make noise towards the end of the season. By that, they think that the Lions can contend for a playoff spot and are a good enough team to do so. ...

So, for the question of are the Lions contenders, my answer right now is to be determined. I just don't have enough information to back up an answer."

So, what do we glean from that? I guess, like the Giants, even the experts aren't really sure what to make of the Lions yet.

Detroit does have some weapons the Giants will need to contend with. Kitna is a good quarterback, and he has explosive receivers in Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson to throw to.

Defensively, the Lions have forced a league-high 28 turnovers. Also, they are unbeaten (4-0) at Ford Field this season.

In the Giants' favor is that the Lions have given up a league-high 40 sacks while the Giants have a league-leading 32. Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz is not one to max protect his quarterback, so it could be open season on Kitna.

How good are either one of these teams? Today, I don't think we can be sure.

Sunday's outcome, though, should go a long way toward giving us an answer.