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A little bit more about Eli

Talk about whatever you want with the Giants, everything always seems to come back to Eli Manning somehow.

Today, the story is that Coach Tom Coughlin reached out to eli earlier this week to be sure the barrage of criticism he heard after Sunday's loss to Dallas didn't affect him.

"We know the environment that we are in here and, obviously, you would like it to be different, but it is not," Coughlin said. "So the only way that we know to do anything about it is the next game."

On the other side, New York Post columnist Paul Schwartz is taking up Eli's cause today.

Here's the deal with Manning: He's a good quarterback. Those who declare the Giants can't or won't win a Super Bowl with him at the helm are clueless or else they've never heard of Doug Williams or Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson or even Kurt Warner. Those who continually compare him to older brother Peyton are misguided, as Peyton is among the top 10 quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL and Eli is never going to approach that exalted status.

OK, I've had enough. No more Eli debate in this space for now. I want to read, and write, about something else.