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Time to turn the page

It's time to begin shaking off Sunday's loss to Dallas, and begin moving forward. That is what the Giants are trying to do.

"It was a big game, but it's good to be in big games," Eli Manning told Newsday. "This one coming up is a big game, too. No one's sulking."

That's the right attitude. I think that when the season everyone connected with the team would have been thrilled if they knew the Giants would be 6-3 at this point.

Sunday's game is huge. First, because the Giants face a surprisingly good Lions team that is also 6-3. Second, though, because the Giants are already tired of hearing comparisons to last season, when they finished 8-8 after starting 6-2.

"It's a totally different team with a totally different confidence," Gibril Wilson told Newsday. "Guys aren't thinking about last year, or last week. We're thinking about next week."

Again, the right thing to say. Now all the Giants have to do is go out and prove that they are, indeed, different.

Plaxico Burress is obviously more and more limited by his ankle injury as the season progresses. Burress has just 11 catches for 81 yards and no touchdowns in his last three games. He admits the ankle won't heal until the off-season.

Burress, by the way, was recently the subject of an ESPN the Magazine photo shoot. Loyal reader Ted sent along the link to the video. Here it is.