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Giants vs. Cowboys, Open Thread

Game: Giants (6-2) vs. Cowboys (7-1)
Time: 4:15 p.m.

It's finally game day! I'm going to list what I think are some of the keys today for the Giants. Consider this your open thread, and please, stop back throughout the game to discuss the action.

Keys to the game

Get pressure on Tony Romo. We have been discussing this all week. It's not about sacks, it's about forcing Romo to move and make quick decisions. If the Giants don't, it will be a long day.

Contain Jason Witten. The Dallas tight end caught 6 passes for 119 yards the first time these teams played. The Giants have to slow him down.

Run the football. Dallas is 5th in the league, giving up just 84.4 yards per game rushing. It won't be easy, but I'm hoping to see 25-30 carries for Brandon Jacobs today.

Turnovers. You can say this pretty much every week, but it's critical today. The Giants have to avoid mistakes and create a couple by the Cowboys.

No special-teams snafus. No missed extra points or short field-goals today. Every point could be critical. Also, it would be nice to get through an entire game without giving up a long kick return.

Remember, this is your open thread. Let's get a lively discussion going.