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Links to keep you occupied until Sunday

I know you are anxious for kickoff to get here. To help you pass the time until Sunday afternoon, here are some links to Giants-Cowboys related articles for your enjoyment.

Michael Strahan wasa non-factor the first time the Cowboys and Giants played. He expect that to be different this time.

Brandon Jacobs is another Giant who didn't have much impact the first time the teams played. He carried just six times before hurting his knee. Jacobs aims to make the Cowboys notice him this time around.

Plaxico Burress is listed as questionable for Sunday. I wouldn't worry about that, though. 'Game Day' will be out there trying to make plays, as usual.

Hedgecock a keeper. The Giants have given fullback Madison Hedgecock a contract extension thru 2012. Hedgecock has proven to be a solid blocker at a position that can be difficult to fill.

More love for TC. Mark Kriegel of Fox Sports is the latest to detail the transformation of Giants coach Tom Coughlin.