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Giants are pointed in the right direction

The Giants have had a lot to celebrate the past three weeks. (Getty Images)
The New York Giants are 3-2. Three weeks ago, at 0-2 with a defense that had given up 80 points in those losses, did you dare to think the Giants would be in this spot?

Give Tom Coughlin some credit. This team is playing pretty well, you aren't seeing the foolish penalties that have plagued the team in the past, and you aren't seeing as much of talking from the players.

Coughlin has been preaching "win the fourth quarter," and that is how the Giants have won the last two games.

There even seems to be a little more interaction between Coughlin and his players. Not to mention the fact that no one uttered a peep about his decision to bench Aaron Ross for half of Sunday's game for violating an unspecified team rule. That would not have happened a year ago.

Have you looked at the Giants schedule? If you haven't it's on the left side of this page. With 1-3 Atlanta, 2-3 San Francisco (now minus QB Alex Smith) and 0-5 Miami the next three weeks the Giants are staring at the possibility of a 6-2 first half. Those are all games the Giants will be favored in.

Shoot, you have to admit that from where they started even 5-3 at the halfway point wouldn't look terrible. Either way, there is no reason this team shouldn't be solidly in the hunt for a playoff berth when the season hits its halfway point.

That's a long way from where we thought this season was headed a few weeks ago, when there was more being said about who would succeed Coughlin than about the Giants having a legitimate shot at a third straight playoff appearance.