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Previewing Giants vs. Jets

Game: Giants vs. Jets
Time: 1 p.m. ET

Having been a New York Giants fan most of my life, I've come to understand one thing about rooting for the Big Blue.

Never get comfortable. Just when you do, bad things happen.

With that in mind, Sunday's game against the New York Jets is the kind of game that scares me to death.

It's a game the Giants should win. They are favored by 3.5, are coming off two straight victories and their defense was absolutely dominant last week against Philadelphia.

Add to that the fact that the Jets offensive line isn't great, quarterback Chad Pennington cannot get the ball down the field and they have not run the ball well at all through four games.

So, this one shouldn't be a problem for the Giants. Right? If you have been a Giants fan long enough, though, you know it wouldn't be a shocker if the Giants turn in a stinker today.

Let's break the game down a bit. And let's hope I worry too much.

When the Giants have the ball

Eli Manning passed for only 135 yards last week, and the Giants missed several scoring opportunities. Eli had been terrific until last week, though, and you have to believe it was an aberration.

The return of running back Brandon Jacobs can only help. Derrick Ward has done a terrific job filling in since Jacobs went down in Week 1 with a knee injury, and the two comprise a formidable duo.

When the Jets have the ball

The Giants biggest concern has to be that Osi Umenyiora missed two days of practice this week with a sore knee. He expects to play, and that's good news. As he showed last week with six sacks, he's a difference-maker.

The Jets will look to finally get Thomas Jones started. The free-agent running back is averaging only 3.4 yards per carry.


I'm worried about this game, but the Giants are the better team. I have no doubt about that. If the Giants play to their capabilities, I don't believe the Jets have the weapons to stay with them.

PREDICTION: Giants 27, Jets 17