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'Greek' says

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, our graphic today is meant to illustrate what you've been doing with your money so far this season if you have been following 'Greek's' choices. We give 'Greek' credit, though, since he keeps coming back for more punishment every week.]

It's time for a moratorium on the witty comments next to each game until I can get my head on straight here and get some picks right. I'm sure some of you are wondering when the witty comments actually happened, but trust me, they were there.

Anyway, onto the Week 5 picks and what I hope will be the start of something better then we've seen through the first quarter of the season.

Carolina (+3) at New Orleans
Jacksonville (-2.5) at Kansas City
Detroit at Washington (-3.5)
Atlanta at Tennessee (-8)
Miami (+5.5) at Houston
Seattle (+6) at Pittsburgh
Cleveland at New England (-16.5)
Arizona at St. Louis (+3)
NY Jets (+3) at NY Giants
Tampa Bay at Indianapolis (-10)
San Diego at Denver (-1)
Baltimore at San Francisco (+3.5)
Chicago (+3) at Green Bay
Dallas at Buffalo (+10)

Last week: 4-10
Season: 19-37-7