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5 Questions with NY Landing Strip

In this week's installment of 5 Questions, we speak with 'Jetfighter' over NY Landing Strip about this week's foe -- the cross-town New York Jets.

BBV:Chad Pennington's individual numbers look OK. The Jets, though, are near the bottom of the league in most offensive categories. How long before Kellen Clemens takes Pennington's job?

STRIP: I say either a Chad Pennington Injury or a few more losses before the coaching staff throws in the towel. The coaching staff still believes in Chad that he can be successful in this league and still win. He needs help though on the defensive side and in the running game.

BBV: Thomas Jones was expected to give the Jets a solid running game. He is only averaging 3.4 yards per carry. Is he a bust with the Jets, or do you still think he was a good acquisition?

STRIP: I still think Thomas Jones was a good acquisition, but he needs to get more carries. He has only got 25 carries or more once against the Dolphins, and coincidentally, the Jets also won. They need to set up the run with Thomas Jones to open up the passing lanes. They are not doing that, they are forcing the ball to be thrown, and because of Chad's arm strength, they are putting 8 men on the box, and Jones's numbers have suffered.

BBV: Are you optimistic the Jets will have a good season despite their 1-3 start, or is this looking like a long year for the green and white?

STRIP: The Jets schedule this year is ridiculous, ranking among the top 3 hardest in the league. They might turn it around to a 6-10, 7-9 season, but from what I have seen, it is going to be a real long year.

BBV: Who would you say is the Jets' best player, and why?

STRIP: I would say right now the Jets best player is Jericho Cotchery. He can take a poorly passed Chad Pennington ball and turn it into positive yardage, and on most of his plays, his YAC is over 5.

BBV: If you could have any player on the Giants' team, which one would you take? Why?

STRIP: I would take Osi Umenyiora because he can create a pass rush, something the Jets have not had since the days of John Abraham. The Jets have run stopping defensive players, but not one that can create havoc in the backfield. I would love to have Osi on the Jet's team.