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Coughlin, Giants getting along just fine

What is this? Could there be a lovefest breaking out between Coach Tom Coughlin and his New York Giants players?

I don't know if you saw it, but near the end of Sunday's domination of the Philadelphia Eagles, the camera panned to Coughlin on the sideline. There, Amani Toomer meandered up to the cold, calculating, distant coach and put an arm around him to congratulate him for a job well done. I was floored when I saw it.

Now comes word from Ernie Palladino's Giants Journal that Michael Strahan gets along just fine with the coach.

I'm stealing from Ernie here, but here is some of what Strahan said about Coughlin while appearing on Tiki and Ronde Barber's radio show Tuesday.

"I will say he wants to win. That's never been a question. So as long as you want to win and you're not bugging me about my socks and all that other stuff then we can work together. ... I don't have any problem with him whatsoever. Now, if Tiki came in the locker room he'd probably feel like kicking Tiki's (butt)."

I guess winning some games sure does cure a lot of things. We'll see how well everyone gets along the next time the Giants hit a rough patch.