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Geez, Phil, did you really have to say it?

Phil Simms is one of my all-time favorite New York Giants. And I think he's a damn good analyst.

That said, I wish Phil would have kept his opinion about the surging Giants to himself. From, here it is:

The Giants are absolutely starting to catch the attention of America. They have caught my attention. I am as interested now in the Giants as I am in the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. They have a flare about them. They are playing an exciting brand of football. They have playmakers all over the field - not just guys who can make plays - guys who can win the game. Plaxico Burress can win a game almost single- handedly. The running backs have been tremendous. They have one of the best pass blocking offensive lines in football. Nobody, nobody, in the NFL can rush the passer better than the New York Giants. I would say to all of the NFC teams, there is a new player out there.

Yikes! Phil, buddy, I agree with you but please, please no more. Let us keep flying under the radar.